Your Practitioner may recommend some Stretching to aid the effectiveness of your treatment.

Please click on the following links to view videos of David demonstrating stretching of the major muscle groups. If there is anything you are unsure about then please ask your practitioner for advice at your next appointment.

Benefits of Stretching

Stretching is very important and can help to improve your workouts and your general heath/wellbeing.

  1. Greater strength – stretching helps to improve blood flow to muscles, providing them with more nutrients and oxygen, whilst also helping them to recover quicker after workouts
  2. Being more flexible – stretching helps us to be more supple and increase our range of movement – this is even more important as the body ages and the muscles naturally start to shorten and tighten
  3. Circulation benefits – longer and looser muscles will help improve circulation and your overall health
  4. Stress buster – stretching helps to relieve tension in muscles from day-to-day life as well as training them. It can help instil a better sense of wellbeing and calmness – especially important for good quality sleep

Back Stretches

  1. Lower Back
  2. Middle Back
  3. Upper Back/Neck

Lower Body Stretches

  1. Glutes
  2. Hamstrings
  3. Quads
  4. Calfs

Upper Body Stretches

  1. Chest
  2. Shoulders
  3. Forearm
  4. Triceps




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