Laura Such

Laura Such

Associate Sports Massage Therapist BSc (Hons)

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Laura Such

Associate Sports Massage Therapist

Laura Such is a new addition to the team at David Such Osteopathy, as an associate sports massage therapist.

Laura has 5 years of sports massage experience and a degree in sports and exercise science. Laura has always had an interest in improving people’s health and has over 10 years of experience in the fitness industry as a personal trainer, coach and fitness instructor. By combining manual therapy, stretching and tailored exercise rehabilitation plans, Laura helps her clients reach their peak performance and wellbeing.

Laura’s passion is to improve people’s overall health and lifestyle with a combination of sports massage techniques, exercise and nutrition, whilst also educating and inspiring them to create sustainable changes. These are individual and personalised to the needs and goals of each person she sees.

Her favourite expression when it comes to wellbeing is “you only have one body, so treat it well”. Laura believes that looking after your body is a priority to prevent injuries and to maintain optimal health and performance. From everyday activities, lifestyle factors and competitive sports, she has experienced how sports massage therapy can complement and improve her own and her patient’s quality of life and physical performance.

Laura enjoys taking part in individual and group weight training sessions but also loves the competitive side of sports. While growing up, she played handball in Hungary as a team sport. She now enjoys the challenges and benefits of weight training and CrossFit. This background has helped her understanding of the physical and psychological demands of competitive sports.

In her therapeutic practice, Laura highlights the importance of recovery. She incorporates a combination of yoga and mobility exercises into her program alongside sports massage treatment to deliver specific, patient-centred treatment and management plans for everyone.


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The clinic is situated by the gym and studios on the first floor of the K2 Leisure Centre. Laura works in the fourth of the five treatment rooms.


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