Anastasia Snook

Anastasia Snook

Associate Osteopath (M.Ost)

  • Monday - Friday
    Monday 1-8pm & Friday 10am-5pm

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Anastasia Snook

Associate Osteopath

Anastasia Snook graduated from the European School of Osteopathy in 2019, and is the newest addition to the team at David Such Osteopathy. Working as an Associate Osteopath, she covers Monday afternoon/evenings and Friday all-day in clinic.

Anastasia decided on a career in Osteopathy after a background in horse riding at high level competitions and experiencing Osteopathic treatment herself. She believes Osteopathy is not only manual therapy and considers the most effective treatment approach is one where the patient can be included in the decision making. This allows a specific management plan for each patient to help give them the best recovery. She likes to educate her patients by incorporating nutritional, exercise/rehabilitation or stress-related changes in their lifestyles into their treatments.

She is also qualified in dry needling and has a specific interest in Equine Osteopathy, treating horses and riders to help them in their sport. All Osteopaths are required to continue their learning throughout their career, and whilst working as an Associate Osteopath at David Such Osteopathy, Anastasia is also studying an equine and canine course to continue to specialise in her favourite area of Equine Osteopathy.

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